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Kentucky SR22 Car Insurance

SR22 Insurance Overview

What is Kentucky SR22 Insurance?

A SR22 car insurance certificate, also known as a financial responsibility insurance form, serves as proof that you are financially responsible for carrying the minimum required amount of insurance on your vehicle.

Who Needs SR22 Insurance in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, SR22 car insurance is not a requirement. However, drivers who are required to file a SR22 in another state should maintain their SR22 as required by that state’s laws. Failure to maintain an SR22 you filed in another state could result in suspension of your driver’s license in the state of Kentucky if you are stopped by a police officer during a traffic stop or accident.

Are There Different Types of SR22 Forms?

There are three types of SR22 forms a driver can file: Operator, Owner and Operator-Owner. Operator’s SR22 insurance covers financial responsibility for drivers who do not own a vehicle. Owner’s SR22 insurance covers financial responsibility for drivers who own a vehicle. Operator’s-Owner’s SR22 insurance covers financial responsibility for all vehicles a driver owns or does not own.

Is SR22 Insurance Required in Kentucky?

All motorists in the state of Kentucky must carry liability insurance; Kentucky SR-22 car insurance is not required. Drivers who have to file an SR22 in another state should continue to do so.

How Do I File a KY SR22 Insurance Form?

You can ask your insurer to file a SR-22 with the state requiring such filing. The insurance company will charge a processing fee, which can vary among agencies. You can go (here) to request a quote from state-authorized agencies in your area. Depending on the state, your insurer may need to file the SR22 within a specified timeframe, such as 30 days. Once the filing is accepted, you should receive the SR22 form from your insurer. A SR22 must be maintained for two to three years and must be renewed in a timely fashion to avoid suspension of your drivers’ license.