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California SR22 Car Insurance

SR22 Insurance Overview

What Is SR22 Car Insurance in CA?

SR-22 car insurance forms are documents, obtained through insurance providers and filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, that provide proof of insurance for motorists who are considered to be at-risk for driving uninsured and/or for being unsafe drivers. A California SR-22 form is not the same thing as the proof-of-insurance documentation provided by insurance companies, though it does serve a similar purpose. California SR22 forms allow the state of California to monitor insurance policies to ensure that at-risk drivers do not allow their insurance to lapse while continuing to drive. Even those motorists who do not currently own a vehicle must carry state-mandated liability coverage, verified by means of an SR22 filing. The minimum insurance requirements for California (which should be reflected in the California SR22 filing) are $15k in personal liability per person injured by the insured motorist with a maximum of $30k in personal liability coverage for a single accident and $5k in property damage liability coverage.

Who Needs California SR22 Insurance?

Motorists who are considered “high risk” by way of either different types of moving violations or having had a driving while intoxicated conviction. Drivers who have had their licenses revoked or suspended, or who are facing unsatisfied judgments as well as those with too many points on their licenses may need California SR-22 auto insurance forms filed.

Are There Different Types of California SR22 Insurance Forms?

There are three types of California SR22 car insurance. Owners’ Policy Certificates are used to demonstrate that a motorist carry the required insurance for the vehicles they own. Operators’ Policy Certificates guarantee that motorists carry policies that cover any vehicles they operate. Motorists may also file Broad Coverage Policy Certificates, indicating coverage for their owned vehicles and any other vehicles operated by the insured.

Is SR22 Insurance Required in California?

Motorists who have had their licenses revoked or restricted must file SR22 car insurance forms. Those convicted of Driving Under the Influence must also file California SR-22 car insurance forms. Motorists who lose their licenses due to unsatisfied judgment suspensions or safety responsibility suspensions must also file SR22 forms before having their licenses reinstated. SR22 forms must be filed for at least 3 years.

How Do I File a California SR22 Form?

California SR22 car insurance forms must be filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Only California DMV-authorized insurance providers can file California SR22 car insurance forms with the California DMV. The processing fee for filing a California SR22 car insurance form differs from one insurer to the next and may vary depending on what type of SR22 form is being filed. To get the best rates on California SR22 auto insurance filing fees, enter your information here.