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What is the Average Cost of SR22 Insurance?

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Figuring out the average cost of SR22 insurance is relatively easy, since the only cost involved as far as the SR22 form is concerned is the filing fee. Getting auto insurance with low premiums, however, will be more of a challenge if you are required to carry a SR22 form. Auto insurance laws from state to state, but insurance companies are usually required to file your SR22 form with the state where you reside.

An SR22 filing has no bearing on the cost of your auto insurance. Your policy will be rated using factors that typically go into rating a policy, such as driving record, parking or moving violations, accidents, convictions and other criteria. Therefore, the average cost of SR22 insurance depends on why your license was revoked or suspended, whether it was first, second or third offense, whether an accident occurred and if such accident resulted in bodily injury to other parties. Any other incidents that led to your SR22 filing will also be considered when rating your auto insurance policy.

For example, a driver convicted of DUI and it is his first offense may end up paying a monthly premium that is three to five times higher than a driver with a clean driving record. He will pay the higher premiums for a period of three years, the length of time a driver is required to carry an SR22 form. On the other hand, a driver required to file an SR22 for excessive speeding tickets will end up paying a lower premium, yet one to two times higher than a driver with a clean record.

SR22 Insurance is usually more expense because drivers who carry SR22 forms are considered high-risk. However, the cost of filing an SR22 with the state where you reside is relative low. The average cost of SR22 insurance filing fees also vary among states, but fees typically range anywhere from $15 to $25.

Having a long-time good relationship with your insurance will not be of much help once they file an SR22 for you. Once your driving record is blemished, your chances of getting low premiums are practically zilch. Your average cost of SR22 insurance will be higher no matter what. Another thing you need to do is see if your company even offers SR22 insurance, because not every insurer does. Your best bet is to research your state’s SR22 filing requirements, get quotes from different auto insurers who offer SR22 insurance and choose the one that has the lowest price.