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What Does SR22 Insurance Cost?

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Auto insurers weigh in a number of factors to determine how much SR22 insurance will cost a policyholder, however, these factors are the same ones considered in underwriting any auto insurance policy. The significance of an SR22 filing on an insurance policy is that it automatically places a prospective policyholder in a high-risk category, which means higher premiums.

How much does SR22 insurance cost for you if you have a DUI on your driving record? You can expect to pay three to five times more for insurance. How much does SR22 insurance cost if you only have some unpaid parking tickets? The good news is that you will pay less than you would if you had a DUI, to the tune of only one to two times as much as that of a driver with a good driving record.

Choosing a high deductible or dropping comprehensive and collision coverage on older vehicles can help reduce your insurance premiums. Maintaining a clean driving record will also reduce your premiums over time as the impact of your violations lessen. You can have your insurer run another motor vehicles report at renewal time to see if prior convictions have dropped off and to see if you could qualify for a premium reduction. Check with your state’s DMV to verify the SR22 filing requirement in your area to see if you will still need to fulfill the SR22 requirement after maintaining a good driving record for a certain length of time. You insurer will remove the filing from your policy if it’s no longer needed, which can also reduce your premiums.

Keep in mind that a longstanding relationship with your insurance company that may have gotten you some good deals on insurance will not make any difference in the case of SR22 insurance. Your current insurance company may not even offer SR22 filing, so your first step is check to see which companies in your area do offer it and if your insurance carrier is one of them. Then request quotes from each company. You can do this right from your home computer and have free, non-obligatory quotes in your email box in minutes. Take the time to comparison shop and review what each company has to offer and choose the one with the policy and premiums you are most comfortable with.

Another thing to do at your policy renewal time is to have your insurance company look into discounts you may qualify for, especially if you have maintained your coverage for at least six months and have demonstrative good driving habits.