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What is an SR22 Form

Do you want to know what is an SR22 form? Keep reading and you will find the answers.

DMV SR22 Form

Find out what a DMV SR22 form is and where to get it.

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Form SR22

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SR22 Form

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Understanding The DMV SR22 Form

SR22 Insurance Overview

Certain people may be required to file a DMV SR22 form. While this form is not technically a form of insurance, it does verify that you have purchased at least the required amount of insurance in your case. It also verifies to the DMV that you are continuously carrying that insurance.

If you have been required to file the DMV SR22 form, you may be required to do so for at least three years on the first offense. Depending on your state and offense, this time frame may be greater. Failure to maintain insurance or a lapse in coverage is reported by the insurance carrier to the DMV and can result in a longer time frame required. In addition to that, other penalties may apply, again, depending on the state.

Depending on your status as a driver, you will need one of three different types of SR22 insurance forms. This will either be the Owner’s Certificate, the Operator’s Certificate, or the Owner-Operator’s Certificate. If you own the vehicle you intend to drive, you will need the Owner’s Certificate, if you do not own a vehicle but still intend to drive, you will need the Operator’s Certificate. The Owner-Operator’s Certificate is used in cases when someone both owns a vehicle but also drives vehicles they do not own.

DMV SR22 forms are usually required in cases where:

-A driver has been convicted of driving without insurance.

-Too many traffic violations in a short period of time, or repeat traffic offenses.

-Serious moving violations, DUI or DWI.

-Not having insurance in the event of an at-fault accident.

-As a part of the reinstatement process for a suspended or revoked license. In some states, this can be true of cases where suspension was the result of multiple traffic infractions, or even being behind on child support payments.

In the case of the DMV SR22 form being required as per terms of suspension or license revocation, this will usually transcend all classes of licenses and you will not be able to be licensed for any class drivers license until the requirements are met.

If you are required to file the DMV SR22 form in one state, but move to another state, you will still have to abide by the requirements of the previous state. This is true even if you move to a state where SR22 forms are not required. In order to file an SR22 insurance form, you will need to contact an insurance carrier that is authorized to file them, and pay a fee. The fee is generally from fifteen to twenty five dollars. You will not have to pay the filing fee with your state unless you allow coverage to lapse or drop. Filing a DMV SR22 form is generally done via your insurance carrier, and, as long as you maintain coverage during the time specified, you will fulfill your responsibility. Fill out your information to find great rates and more information about DMV SR22 form filing, now!