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SR22 Bond Ohio

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What is an SR22 Bond?

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SR22 Bond in Ohio

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If you are a person that needs an SR22, Ohio has made the whole process easy. As long as you have proof of some type of financial responsibility you can have your SR22 documents in just a few minutes and be on your way to having your license reinstated.

What is an SR22 Bond in Ohio?

The state of Ohio mandates that every motor vehicle and motorist have adequate insurance or enough money on deposit with the Treasury Department to pay for any car accident they cause. If you fail to keep your insurance current, or your deposit is used and not replenished, your driving license will be suspended. You will need to get an SR-22 bond to show that you have fixed the situation. The SR22 bond is proof that you have.

Who else Needs an SR22 Bond in Ohio?

Ohio SR22 bonds are required any time a motorist loses their license for too many traffic violations. They will also be required to have one filed if they receive a DUI.

Financial Responsibility

In Ohio, SR22 bonds are also called financial responsibility bonds, or FR bonds. They are the monies deposited in lieu of a car insurance policy. FR Bonds will only pay out as much as the amount of deposit. If the damages occurred in the accident come to more than the amount on deposit, the driver will be held responsible for the difference. SR22 bonds in Ohio will require a deposit of at least $30,000. This may seem like a lot, but in the case of personal injury, it can be used up quite quickly.

The Ohio SR22 bond requirements usually last for three years. There are a few infractions that will make you keep your SR22 bond in Ohio intact for five years. Be sure to check with the BMV for the exact time of your requirement.