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What is an SR22 Form

Do you want to know what is an SR22 form? Keep reading and you will find the answers.

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SR22 Form

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What is an SR-22 Form?

SR22 Insurance Overview

If you are asking “What is an SR22 Form”, then you were probably told you needed one by your state because of a moving violation. Knowing the ins and outs of the SR22 form will help you to better understand how you can adhere to your state’s requirements. Being able to educate yourself as to how you will need to fulfill your obligations will enable you to have your driver’s license reinstated faster and keep you on the road.

The SR22 form isn’t actually insurance. This document is something that some drivers may have to file in their states in order to prove financial responsibility for carrying. The requirement of an SR22 insurance form usually is resultant of certain violations, such as driving without insurance or in some driving under the influence cases. This state mandated certificate comes in two or three different forms:

What is An SR-22 Form Owner’s Certificate?

This certificate is used in the event that a driver actually owns the vehicle they plan to drive and insure.

What is An SR22 Form Operator’s Certificate?

This certificate would be used for those who drive, but may not actually own a vehicle.

What is An SR22 Form Owner-Operator’s Certificate?

This certificate is used in the cases of people who both own a vehicle they plan to drive, but also may be driving vehicles they do not own.

What is An SR-22 Form For?

An SR22 form is used to ensure that a driver carries fiscal responsibility by carrying and maintaining the appropriate levels of auto insurance liability coverage. When the SR-22 insurance form is required, the individual’s state Department of Motor Vehicles will usually inform the driver of this responsibility.

What is An SR22 Form Filing Period?

Most SR-22 forms need to be filed for a certain period of time. This time frame can be anywhere from 3-5 years in first offense situations, though it may be more, depending on the state and offense. When an SR22 insurance form is filed, it lets the state know that you have not only purchased car insurance but that you intend to maintain coverage for a certain period of time. If you should allow this coverage to lapse, the insurance carrier will then notify the state.

What is An SR-22 Form Filing Fee?

Not all auto insurers will carry an SR22 form, so you may have to shop around to find one who does. When you find an insurer that you intend to file the form with, as well as purchase your coverage from, they will then file the form. There is generally a fee of anywhere from $15-25 depending on which state the offense requiring the SR22 insurance form was committed in.

What is An SR22 Form Filing Requirement?

The SR22 insurance form is not required in all states. However, if you move from a state where you were required to file an SR22 form, you will then need to continue to carry out the requirements of that state. Failure to do maintain coverage in any case will result in the time frame you are meant to carry the SR22 form starting over, and possibly other penalties.

What is An SR-22 Form Rate Increase?

Having to file an SR22 form will not raise your insurance rates, in itself. The offense, and having to carry more insurance than you may have had before may raise your rates. As with any type of auto insurance, shopping around for an insurer to provide your SR22 form will help you to find lower rates and fulfill your responsibilities fully. For more information on filing your SR22 form and quotes, fill our your details, here.