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SR-22 Filing

How does SR-22 filing work? Read more to find the answers and what you need.

What is SR22 Filing

Have you asked the question – what is SR22 Filing? We have the answers for you.

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SR22 Filing

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SR-22 Filing Definition

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Filing SR22

Are you filing SR22 insurance? Keep reading to find more important facts.

SR22 Filing – What is it?

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What is SR22 Filing?

You go to renew your vehicle’s registration and the person at the DMV counter tells you that you need to have your insurance company submit an SR22 filing for you. You show her your current insurance card and she tells you that is not enough. Now you have to go to the insurance office, maybe they can explain all this.

What is SR22 filing?

SR22 Filing is documentation that an insurance company provides to the Department of Motor Vehicles verifying that you have proper automobile insurance coverage. The DMV requires motorists that are classified as “high-risk” to keep an SR22 filed.

When is SR22 Filing Required?

The DMV will classify a person as “high-risk” and require an SR22 filing if the person has gone without car insurance. If you accidentally let your insurance coverage lapse and did not turn in your license plates you will end up needing an SR22 filed. If you have a coverage lapse while under SR22 requirements the insurance company will immediately inform the DMV and your license will be suspended. If you get a DUI conviction, or have multiple moving violations in a short time span, you will need an SR22 filed.

The Nitty Gritty on SR22 Filing

Not all states have SR22 filing requirements. If you are required to have one, it is usually for a period of three years. Moving to a state that has no SR22 filings does not negate your responsibility to the state you just left. Most insurance companies can file an out of state SR22 document for you.

Finding out you need to have an SR22 document filed is no big deal. Talk to your insurance agent and he will be able to take care of it for you. In most cases you will not be affected in any way. The important thing is to keep an SR22 filing in good standing until you don’ need it any more.