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SR-22 Filing

How does SR-22 filing work? Read more to find the answers and what you need.

What is SR22 Filing

Have you asked the question – what is SR22 Filing? We have the answers for you.

SR22 Filing

We have a complete SR22 Filing guide. It is the best place to learn all the facts.

SR-22 Filing Definition

Looking for a SR-22 filing definition? We lay it all out for you.

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Filing SR22

Are you filing SR22 insurance? Keep reading to find more important facts.

Definition of SR22 Filing

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Just what is the SR-22 Filing Definition?

Car insurance companies will give an SR-22 filing definition as a document that an insurance company fills out and files with the DMV providing proof that an individual is currently possessing adequate automobile insurance coverage.

The Meaning Behind SR22 Filing Definition

The SR-22 filing definition means that an insurance company is keeping the DMV informed of your insurance. If you fail to keep proper insurance they will tell the DMV, and your license will be suspended.

What the SR-22 Filing Definition Does Not Mention

The SR22 filing definition tells us what it is, but it does not tell us what will cause us to have this extra insurance documentation. The DMV requires SR22 documents for any motorist they consider to be high risk. Every state requires all motorists to have some type of financial responsibility in case there are damages to property or injury to people due to an accident with an automobile. When you fail to have adequate insurance, or monies, to be able to pay for the damages they will make you keep on file an SR22 document. Motorists that have received enough moving violations to have their license suspended will also need an SR22 filed. If a motorist is found guilty of DUI they, too, will have to have SR22 documentation.

The SR-22 filing definition does not tell us that once a motorist is required to have an SR22 on file they will need to keep it current for three years. It is important to remember that an SR22 is a state form, if you move out of state you may not have to have an SR22 in the new state, but will need to meet the three years in the previous state.

If you find out you need to have an SR22 on file with the DMV, simply contact your insurance agent and let him know, he will take care of it for you. The SR22 filing definition is not complicated because having an SR22 filed is not complicated.