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SR-22 Filing

How does SR-22 filing work? Read more to find the answers and what you need.

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What is SR22 Filing

Have you asked the question – what is SR22 Filing? We have the answers for you.

SR22 Filing

We have a complete SR22 Filing guide. It is the best place to learn all the facts.

SR-22 Filing Definition

Looking for a SR-22 filing definition? We lay it all out for you.

Filing SR22

Are you filing SR22 insurance? Keep reading to find more important facts.

SR-22 Filing Basics

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Why is an SR-22 Filing Necessary?

You have just gotten off the phone with your insurance company and they told you they need to do an SR-22 filing for you. The agent made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal, but you aren’t quite sure what it all means. What is an SR-22 and why do you need to have it on file, and with whom?

SR-22 Filings

An SR-22 filing is simply a document your insurance company files with the Department of Motor Vehicles on your behalf, telling them that you are compliant with state automobile regulations. The DMV requires them for motorists they deem to be “high-risk”. In most instances you will need to keep an SR-22 filing on record for three years, once it is deemed you need one.

Reasons an SR-22 Filing is Required

In all states that have SR-22 filing requirements, the first reason you will need one is if you have a lapse in your insurance coverage. Forgetting an installment payment or having an automatic deduction fail to go through can have your insurance policy cancelled. Your insurance company is required to inform the DMV of this cancellation. If the DMV catches up with you before you have reinstated the policy or gotten a new one, you will be told you need an SR-22 filing done when you get your new insurance.

If you receive a DUI conviction or a bunch of fines for moving violations you may also be required to ask your insurance company to do an SR-22 filing for you. Your insurance company may be the one that informs you of the requirement.

Needing to have an SR-22 on file is not a big deal. Your insurance company will do all the work. Requiring you to have an SR-22 filing is the state’s way of letting you know they are keeping an eye on you and your insurance.