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SR-22 Filing

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What is SR22 Filing

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SR22 Filing

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SR-22 Filing Definition

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Filing SR22

Are you filing SR22 insurance? Keep reading to find more important facts.

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Filing SR22: What you need to know.

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Filing SR22 Documents are Easy

Motorists need to be aware just how easy filing SR22 documents is. In most cases a simple phone call to your insurance agent takes care of the situation entirely. Being aware of what an SR22 is and why you may need to file it is fairly simple too.

What is SR22 Filing?

When the DMV labels a person high risk, they will require filing SR22 forms. This form is filled out by an insurance agent to verify that the motorist is covered by liability insurance. The DMV needs to be sure that high risk drivers will be able to pay for any damages or injuries they may cause. The documents go straight from the insurance company to the DMV; it is usually done electronically. The motorist will not be required to carry any additional cards or forms in the vehicle.

Anytime there is a lapse in automobile insurance coverage the car owner will have to resort to SR22 filing to keep their license and car registration in good order. Individuals that are caught DUI will also be filing an SR22. In some states motorists with numerous moving traffic violations will also need to keep an SR22 on file.

How Long is Filing SR22 Documents Necessary?

Once you are in need of Filing SR22 insurance proof you will need to keep the documentation on file for three years. Your insurance company will report any insurance lapses and negate the SR22. This will cause the motorist additional fines as well as license and registration suspensions. It can also make the three years longer.

If you have been informed you need an SR22 filed there is no need to panic. Your insurance company may charge a small fee for filing SR22 documents, but that will the only thing you notice.